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Ruto ; TSC To Give Priority To Teachers With The Following.


Ruto ; TSC To Give Priority To Teachers With The Following.


His excellency president William Samoei Ruto has once again touched on the education and new adjustments, that will be key for a proper and reliable system of education. Speaking on the floor of statehouse during the swearing in ceremony of Permanent Secretaries, he made a hint into the overall plan for January.

A committed Ruto reiterated that government teacher hiring body (TSC) will assist them and ensure that there are enough teachers to help, in the handling of learners who are doing their end of first phase into the Competecy Based Curriculum, (CBC). He however urged Teacher Service Commission body to prioritize first, all those who are CBC compliant.

On matters concerning the cost of making up to the curriculum, the president said their set taskforce is compiling a report on that, and an effective decision will be reached at. Touching on the complains by parents on having to do a class at home while assisting with homework, a charming Ruto urged the parents to make it up for their kids.

As currently put, the learners who participated in the national exams for grade six, would just remain in their schools, as they enter into their next phase with the curriculum. According to your honest view, what do you feel best fits on the learners side? Because alot of the issues handled largely touched on the parents issues at large

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