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The Mysterioud Highland In Kenya Where People Go And Never Come Back.


The Mysterioud Highland In Kenya Where People Go And Never Come Back.


The island of Envaitenet is called the “island of no return” or simply “irrevocable” by the locals of the Turkana tribe.

For a long time, a lot of inexplicable history has been walking around what is not attributed to this island. The vast majority of stories are associated with the mysterious disappearance of people.

It is officially referred to as the South Island. It is situated in the vast Lake Turkana region of Kenya (also known as Lake Rudolf).

Envaitenet Island is a volcanic island. It is located in the southern part of the lake, about 8 kilometers from the shore. This is the biggest island in the lake. Its length is 11 kilometers and its width is 5 kilometers.

The island is covered in volcanic soil and home to many hazardous animals, including crocodiles and poisonous snakes.

Histories of Envaitenet Island

Native Americans assert that in the distant past, this region was frequently visited by Sudanese slave dealers. A family decided to hide out on the island. They vanished without a trace. The others who were looking for them also disappeared.

Many people believe that they are crocodile or island cobra victims.

missing researchers

It’s improbable that people’s disappearances are caused by animals. Another puzzling case speaks in favor of them. An English expedition under the direction of Viviana Fush worked on scientific research in this region in 1935. Martin Sheflis and Bill Dyson, two scientists, visited the island of Envaitenet. With a torch, they indicated a successful landing.

Over a period of several days, they also intermittently released light signals. The signals came to an abrupt end. A few days later, rescuers arrived on the island. There were no indications that scientists had been there.

A plane was sent to survey the island on Fush’s instruction. But neither of those methods was effective. The British gathered 200 natives to conduct a thorough search of the island. The residents of the island had no desire to remain there. They had to promise a sizable reward if they found even the slightest indication of scientists.

As a result, not a single sign of human habitation was found after scouring every rock on the island. The whereabouts and manner of the two scientists’ disappearance are still unknown.

According to certain ideas, the lake’s depths occasionally contain subsurface gas leaks. People made hasty decisions as a result of his mental effects. Take a lake swim into consideration.

Perhaps the scientists made it to land in a boat but drowned when they ran out of supplies. There was no trace of them on the island as a result.

The disappearance of an entire village

The strange disappearances persisted even after the scientists left. A few years after the scientists disappeared, a large number of families from the Elmolo tribe arrived on the island. They made the choice to seek refuge here from the hostile Samburu neighbors.

Turkana tribe

They constructed huts, went fishing, and managed to make a livable settlement. Goats were also brought in. On rare occasions, they would sail for the “mainland” to see relatives or conduct business. The islanders gradually stopped appearing on the shore, though.

Neighbors and relatives sent people to the island. They were unable to find even one person. The dead community was uninjured and there were no indications of an attack or struggle, any signs of a hasty flight or anything else. The small group left without saying anything.

The Samburu tribe claims that the island’s snakes are actually the ghosts of their ancestors who have passed away. Hunting for the Elmolo tribe is still going on.

Village huts are still present on the island, but nobody is eager to move into them.

Wild goats roam the island aimlessly and refuse to leave. Nobody even hunts them since no one wants to go back to the island because of the fear that exists there.

The island’s shapes were recognized by the Turkana tribe as representing their goddess of fertility and the earth.

They allege that she kidnaps the males’ wives and children while keeping the males for herself.

In addition, there are many completely ridiculous theories, ranging from aliens and ending with a mysterious submarine, people with which constantly destroy visitors to the island. It is hardly worth paying attention to them.

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