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What Kills Majority Of Kenyan Women  In Saudi Arabia ,Insider Reveals.


What Kills Majority Of Kenyan Women  In Saudi Arabia ,Insider Reveals.


Hello and welcome back to my channel. Today, details have emerged about how Kenyans working in Saudi Arabia are living in poverty after becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, while others are killed by coworkers in love triangle disputes.

However, as the plane carrying the bodies touched down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Monday morning, a woman working in the Middle East country revealed that some Kenyans have turned to drugs and alcohol and are unable to afford return flights home.

According to recent NTV reports, the woman stated that when some Kenyans arrive in Saudi Arabia, they flee from abusive employers in search of more lucrative work.

“It is tempting to run away from the contract jobs because one is paid Sh30,000, while those working outside earn Sh60,000.

But those who are not disciplined get into bad company and engage in drug and alcohol abuse. Because they spend all their money, little is left to send back home and they cannot afford fare to Kenya.

Those who are out there are free and some of them even brew alcohol in their own houses and hold parties. It is during these parties that fights break out,” she said.

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