A Woman Will Test You In This Four Areas To see How Mature You Are

A Woman Will Test You In This Four Areas To see How Mature You Are .



Many men are unaware that women test them, which leads to them making the same mistakes over and over again. The truth is that women put males to the test on a regular basis. You can’t blame them since men approach them all the time, and they have to figure out a means to determine which men are the best. If you fail the tests, you will be considered a weak man and will be rejected. Because the procedure is already ingrained in them, women may be unaware that they are testing you.

Some of these tests will be discussed in this post.

1. The compliance test: The lady will ask you to do something you don’t want to do or that she doesn’t want to do just to see whether you’ll do it. She wants to see if you’ll lower your standards in order to please her. If you follow it, she will regard you as a weak person, and her attraction to you will wane.

Stick to your guns is the solution. If you go against your convictions to please a lady, she will despise you. She’ll know you’re a valuable man if you don’t dot it. Go ahead and do it if you enjoy it, but don’t do it if you won’t be happy with yourself later. For example, if a female you just met asks you to buy her anything, you can decline but do so when she least expects it. You are demonstrating to her that you, not she, make the decisions, which makes you more valuable.

. The self-confidence test: She’ll say something unexpected to watch how you react. You will fail the test if you react aggressively, but you will pass if you remain calm and collected. She wants to know if you’re capable of laughing at yourself. The woman may say something derogatory about your clothing to see if you lose your cool. You will fail if you take it personally, but you will pass if you reply positively and remain calm.

3. The congruency test: She uses this test to evaluate if your words and actions are in sync. She wants to know if you’re a man who can talk and act or one who can talk but can’t act. Accept nothing you can’t do in order to pass this test. You can promise her the world simply because you desire her, but if you don’t follow through, she’ll lose interest in you. Don’t be a man of words; instead, be a man of action. Do something before you say it.

4. The dominance test: She wants to determine if she can manage the relationship on her own. She wants to know who makes the final choice. Most men make the mistake of believing that women desire to lead, which is incorrect. She may disagree with you, but she really wants a man who can lead her. When you always urge her to decide what happens, her attraction to you will wane. She expects you to be a man who knows what he’s doing. You will fail the test if she discovers that you are not forceful

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