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Man Cought In Bed With A School Girl Says The Girl Enjoyed The Act Like An Adult 😀, Court Set Him Free

Man Cought In Bed With A School Girl Says The Girl Enjoyed The Act Like An Adult 😀 , Court Set Him Free .



The High Court has finally released a man accused of defiling a schoolgirl after ruling she was “behaving like an adult during the act”.

According to reports seen in standard digital media, the accused got back his freedom after the court ruled that the minor he had the Act with “enjoyed the same way an adult would do… When a minor like an adult, it’s not a defilement”.

The preceding judge said the child in question had a “horrible obsession” with the accused that continued for years after the incident, the court noted, had admitted to having consensual intimacy with him on several occasions and had even gotten a tattoo of him.

The judge also noted that the girl used to visit the accused at his house to have sex with him.

The appellant should not spend years in jail for his sexual engagement with prosecution witness one (PW1). PW1 engaged in sexual endeavors and was enjoying the exploration until she was satisfied,” the judge ruled.

However, the girl’s mother disagreed with the ruling, saying the alarm was raised after neighbors noticed that her daughter had been inside the suspect’s house for a long time.

“When we heard noises, we went outside to check what was happening. We found some officers who told us a defilement case had been reported to them. We tried to reason with them, but they told us it was too late,” she said.

The court heard from the minor’s mother that it was the assistant chief who decided to have the matter reported to the police and brought to court.

A police officer who was called to testify also told the court that investigations revealed that the girl had an Act several times with the man and that they used to meet at his shop.

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