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Teachers Demand Renegotiation Of CBA With TSC And Employment Of Teachers As KUPPET Meets Machogu

Teachers Demand Renegotiation Of CBA With TSC And Employment Of Teachers As KUPPET Meets Machogu

Teachers have requested that the non-monetary Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) agreed with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) be revised.

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) also demands the return of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) instructors to TSC.

Yesterday, during a meeting with Machogu, Kuppet stated that 3,780 trainers were excluded from the fourth phase of CBA increments due to the transfer.

The established practice in our democratic governance since 2002 is that every president has given teachers something. President Uhuru Kenyatta gave us the CBA of Sh54 billion. We know what we want from this administration and President William Ruto should be prepared to give it to us,” said Kuppet Chairman Omboko Milemba.

The CS affirmed the government’s dedication to enhancing the welfare of educators.

Machogu said his ministry is talking with the Teachers Service Commission on some of these issues and anticipated that the Kenya Kwanza government would support the request to enhance teachers’ salaries.

In 2019, Labour Court judge Nelson Aboudha overturned a decision to transfer teachers from TSC to PSC, determining that TSC was the only authorized employer of instructors.

The then-Principal Secretary for Vocational and Technical Training, Kevit Desai, argued that the state was establishing a new service scheme for technical teachers.

The union urged Machogu on the CBC to provide the required legal framework to ensure a seamless transfer to junior secondary schools, stating that the Presidential Working Group on Education Reform may not resolve the issue within two months.

However, Machogu stated that the team would provide recommendations on the matter in a preliminary report a month later.

In a separate event, the CS reversed his critical remarks regarding university finance.

Machogu stated that he did not rule out continued government sponsorship of public universities.

His comments prompted an uproar. The Universities Academic Staff Union (Uasu) said on Monday that, because of what Machogu said, they would try to get him removed.

The Secretary-General, Constantine Wasonga, stated that the statement violated the Kenya Kwanza commitment to fund higher education.

However, Machogi announced yesterday that he has planned a union meeting.

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