In Summary
  • The President has asked KRA to bring all Kenyans into the tax bracket.
  • Kenya needs Sh2 billion urgently to mitigate the effects of drought.
  • The roll out of President William Ruto’s ambitious agenda could be slowed down by the country’s drought situation and growing resistance to his policies.

    However, the President’s confidants dismissed suggestions that Azimio boss Raila Odinga’s opposition to some of Ruto’s radical policies might jolt the implementation of Ruto’s agenda.

    Barely two months since his swearing in, Ruto is facing the country’s worst drought crisis that is threatening to wipe out families and livestock.

  • Nearly 4.5 million Kenyans from at least 23 counties are under starvation with over Sh2 billion needed to alleviate the situation.

    Implementation of the President’s agenda, analysts say, could be disrupted significantly as the government looks for resources to save lives due to the ravaging drought.

    “It will not be a walk in the park for the president’s agenda as he must now contend with the drought reality that is at its worst ever,” said political analyst Alexander Nyamboga.

    The university don insisted that “it is obvious’ more resources will be diverted to addressing drought in counties worst hit by the worsening situation.

    ‘The supplementary budget that Kenyans need to see is one that outlines resources to save lives urgently,” Nyamboga said.

    Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday admitted that the drought crisis is threatening to wipe out humanity in ravaged counties, revealing that the state needs at least Sh2 billion to.

    The DP made an appeal to the private sector to urgently raise the money to mitigate the effects of drought by providing foodstuffs to starving families in hunger stricken counties.

    “The government urgently needs Sh 2 billion to save over 4.5 million Kenyans affected by drought,” Gachagua said on Monday.

    Only Sh114m has been raised so far by the private sector, Gachagua said.

    Ruto’s administration is in the process of crafting its first Supplementary Budget to avail money for his ambitious agenda in what will also results in radical spending cuts on non-priority areas.

    The Supplementary Budget is expected to factor the President’s Sh50 billion Hustler Fund that was the key driver of his campaign pledges.

  • However, as Ruto ponders on where the money will come from, the rejected any push to increase taxes for the country’s formal employees.

    Raila has asked his troops in Parliament to reject any additional tax proposals by President Ruto’s administration.

    “The decision to increase taxes needs public participation. There should be no taxation without representation,” Raila said.

    He went on, “the decision should be placed before Parliament for MPs to approve before it is implemented”.

    President Ruto has asked Kenyans be ready to pay their taxes, warning that failing which will results in non-delivery of services by the government.

    The Ruto governement is planning to collect a total of Sh Sh6 trillion by 2027.

    Ruto has instutcated Kenya Revenue Authorityto reform its tax regime and bring all Kenyans above 18 years into the tax bracket.

    ‘There is no reason to worry that we will not deliver on the pledges,” said North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko.

    Nyamoko said Ruto’s administration will remain focused on delivering on the Kenya Kwanza agenda starting with the roll out of the Hustlers Fund in Decemcer.

    The world is experiencing serious socio- economic challenges occasioned by global increases in cost of fuel and global warming dynamics. Kenya is no exception.

    Political analyst Dismas Mokua said Ruto has a unique opportunity to implement the Kenya Kwanza manifesto by crafting “Moraa-centric fiscal and monetary strategies”.

    “It is possible for Kenya to hit the high notes despite the drought situation because President Ruto has demonstrated capacity and competence to surmount challenges occasioned by the prevailing drought while at the same time implementing his plan,” he said.